jody2This blog is about Technology, Web-design, Marketing, Social Media, Trends, Success, and all other things I find interesting in life. I’ve been working, playing and living on the internet for a long time… Possibly too long, (some things just can’t be unseen) so I’ve decided to start putting things I learn or come across  in one place as time permits.

About Me, that’s a tough one to write about. How do you summarize yourself into text on a page and make it interesting enough to read? I’m a father, husband, pretty much do it yourself guy. I’ll spare you all the normal I’m going to sell “me” to “you”  because I have “uber mad skills and I’m a superhuman jedi master” type stuff for simplicity’s sake. (Even though I really am a Jedi Master and I do have mad uber skills with a profound sense of humor – skills learned while being a Dad) I prefer letting the story unravel as you get to know me like any good novel you can’t reveal everything in the beginning.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy yourself out there, Life is just an adventure good or bad it’s still the adventure of a lifetime.

Jody Sachse