Are you advertising on Instagram?

Learn how to advertise on Instagram from this great article over at Social Media Examiner.

How to Create Instagram Ads Social Media Examiner

Advertising avenues has grown exponentially over these last few years and has never been more important to get your product or business noticed. With so many options out there it can be daunting and confusing leaving you asking “Where the f**# do I  start?”

Recently a client of mine asked:  “hey I want to advertise and Instagram, how do I do it?” Me: “I’ll have to get back to you on that one, let me tailor a plan for you that will be easy for you to do” Then I broke out the wonder genie good ol google. I didn’t need to look very far. Soon you’ll be an Instagram ad expert as well.

Here’s a few great places to start advertising.

  • Facebook/Instagram
    Bing (Which is now the default search engine on Apple devices – apple customers have proven to be big spenders) There are plenty more places to advertise but those listed above are the best and easiest to get you started.Check out this awesome expert article on “How To Create Instagram Ads” over at



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