Digital Nomads, Keep Fit When You’re Travelling!

If you’re a Digital Nomad, and the header got your attention, then read on. Because, as a fellow nomad myself, I know too well how hard it is to keep fit when you’re constantly bumping around on the road, meeting new peeps, and drinking 10 cent beers until the cows come home in developing countries. The last thing you think about when having this jet set lifestyle, travelling around is keeping fit.

There’s nothing that I would do to replace this mobile lifestyle, but one thing that’s not emphasised in lifestyle design literature is how unhealthy it can become (if you let it). Not to mention the difficulty with sometimes finding healthy food (I’ll mention this in another post), but also how hard it can be in finding a decent gym close to you, without you having to cross physical, sociocultural and language barriers to finally get there. But there’s no real excuse for at least putting effort into keeping fit when travelling.

Well, I got a solution for you constant travellers! And no, it’s not another piece of useless gym equipment that you’re going to throw away in mum’s garage and let it gather cob webs. It’s your own body. That’s right, I said it – you’re own body. If you’ve heard of the term callisthenics then you’ll be familiar with what I’m talking about. This is a basically a fancy way of utilising bodyweight resistance exercises, replacing those unwieldy and cumbersome dumbbells that we’re all to familiar with.

Examples of calisthenic exercises include:



Tricep dips



Most of you will be familiar with these ones, especially if you’ve got recurring nightmares of high school Physical Education classes… But we won’t get into that…

OK, so you’re probably asking at this point, “what’s a good routine that I can do in minimal time?” – very lifehacker type of question. Here it is below:

1) 20 push-ups

2) 20 squats

3) 20 tricep dips

4) 20 lunges

Do this set 3 times, 3 days per week and that’ll keep you set for keeping fit enough to be generally accepted by society. Also watch your diet folks. Diet is 80 percent of the battle, and the more you exercise, the more crucial a good diet is to feeding your body what it needs to perform and function at it’s best.

As a motivational tool – I recommend doing this routine with a training partner, i.e. your fellow traveller in most cases. Time who can finish first to make it more fun. You’ll be surprised how competitive you can be as you both go for glory. In no time, you’ll get that six pack that attracts the opposite sex and makes you the envy of everyone else.

Yours in health,


Richard C Joe
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