How To DIY Indoor Garden – Cactus Terrarium


(whimsical music) ♫ Everybody needs someone ♫ – Hi, everyone! It’s me, Ann. So in today’s do-it-yourself project, I will be showing you a . And terrariums are a great way to bring the outdoors indoors. This is like a little indoor garden. It’s also a little bit more masculine than giving flowers to a man. So this is a pretty quick and do-it-yourself project to make because most of these items you can pretty much find outdoors or shop from home. Or you can find most of these items from the dollar store. So if you guys like what you see, don’t forget to thumbs up, and let’s get started. Okay so let’s get started with materials like usual.

First you will need some glass containers or jars.

I found mine from a variety of stores like the Goodwill, dollar stores, and of course from home. ♫ Of me too ♫ – [Ann] Next up are some stones. You can be fancy as you like (giggles) here. I found an awesome variety from the dollar store. You also need, of course, (chuckles) some plants. I suggest you find air plants or something with low amount of maintenance like or succulents because guys tend to forget (chuckles) to water their plants. Okay so last on my list is potting soil.

If you want to go for a dry desert theme, then you can use smaller pebbles to get the job done. And here are some optional choices that you can use for decorating. I have some shells and some moss. They make great top covering. I also found some tree bark (chuckles) during my walk this morning. You can pretty much use anything you like to cover the dirt part. I’m also using charcoal, as it can reduce the impact of overwatering and also absorb in some odor from the soil. Today I have Vincent and his best friend, Jun that will be helping me out. Why do all the work when you have two little boys around at home, right? Okay so let’s move onto our first step here and that is to place in the rocks and pebbles at least one inch deep. This will act as a filter inside the pot. ♫ Of me too ♫ – [Ann] Second step, it’s time to sprinkle in the potting soil. Make sure to also leave some openings for your plant.

And whatever you do, do not eat the dirt. ♫ Hope you’re thinking of me too ♫ – [Ann] Okay so if you’re using a lid container like Vincent here, then place in the charcoal, so that way it can mix in with the soil. (David Choi hums on “Thinking About You) Now put in the plants. Succulents and cactus don’t like to be handled a lot, so be careful. Put the entire root ball in and then cover with more potting soil. ♫ Ooh ooh ooh ♫ – [Ann] Once the dirt is in, you can now add decorative rocks, pebbles, moss, or whatever you please. This is supposed to be fun and creative, so have fun with it. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to thumbs up for these two wonderful helpers right here. They both did a wonderful job. ♫ Thinking of me too ♫ – [Ann] Here are a few more ideas on how I utilized the things that I showed you guys earlier. I used the pebbles. I used the tree barks and the moss. It’s really fun to get creative with this, and I hope you guys really do enjoy this tutorial.

♫ Too ♫ – [Ann] If you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos, and I will talk to you next time. Have fun creating. Love you! Ciao!.

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